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Who is Michelle Monk:

A Canine Physiotherapist for almost 2 decades, Michelle's commitment to the ongoing improvement of canine health and longevity is commendable.

A loving mother of two human kids, 2 fur kids, devoted wife, and respected peer within the animal health care industry Michelle is a unique blend of strength, commitment and kindness.

"I find my passion at the intersection between helping people and helping animals."

Experience and Awards

Michelle started her journey as a qualified Human Physiotherapist in 1996, and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Dry Needling.  After always having a strong desire to help animals, she transferred her skills and founded the first Canine Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre in Melbourne Australia in 2002, with the aim of helping as many dogs as possible move and feel better.

She then went on to complete her Master's Degree in Animal Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, receiving the Dean's award for outstanding Academic Achievement, and having her research published the the 'American Journal of Veterinary Research'.

Over 18 years later Michelle Monk has treated thousands of beloved pets, spoken all over the world at conferences, and saved many canine lives.

To reach more canines in need she founded the Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy in 2017, so that more people could enter the canine therapy industry and consequently provide quality health care for more dogs.

Dedicated to the quality of therapy provided Michelle also sits on the board of the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association. Thus, playing a part in ensuring the standards of canine health care within Australia are upheld.

Michelle Monk's Canine Health ExTEND™ Methodology

Michelle Monk has been one of Australia's leading Canine Physiotherapists treating patients for over eighten years in her clinic in Melbourne. In both 2010 and 2015 she was voted the Best Canine Specialist Provider of the year by Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA).

Through the treatment of thousands of canine patients Michelle has created her signature treatment framework K9 ExTEND™ which is designed to extend the quality and length of a dog's life so that each dogs owner can spend as much time together with their best friend as possible.

This K9 ExTEND™ framework forms the basis of all of Michelle's teachings, writing and treatments and is the reason for her award-winning success as a canine physiotherapist.

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Exercise is an integral part of every being having a healthy body. We were all born to move, especially canines. The way dogs need to move, the intensity, the length and type of exercise requirements change as your dog progresses through life.

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Just as we are what we eat, so are our dogs. What they consume, where its farmed, how its manufactured and processed all have a major impact on their health and longevity. Their nutrition and supplements they consume are a vital part of their health.

Michelle Monk With Max And Oscar Her Vizslas
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Science now proves that our dog's health is directly related to the stressors in the environment they live in. Keeping their mind active and stimulated, and keeping our stress at a minimum can have a positive effect on our dog's quality and length of life.

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There are so many forms of therapy available to our pets. An integrative team approach to canine healthcare is paramount. Knowing when and what therapy is best for your dog is at different stages of their lives and during times of ill-health is vital.

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Environmental factors most people aren't aware of can have a positive or negative impact on your canine best friend. Becoming aware of these factors and changing your dog's environment can extend the quality and longevity of their life with you.

Michelle Monk Soul Dog Book Cover In 3d

Coming Soon

Soul Dog

How to extend the life of your best friend

Those amongst us who are dog lovers understand the effect that losing your best friend can have on your life. They are with us only for a short time. Some shorter than others.

While we may love all the dogs that come and go in our lives, when you have that special connection with a dog, the 'Dog Love of Your Life', you will know. This is your Soul Dog.

The connection with your Soul Dog is like no other relationship you will have in your lifetime. There is nothing we wouldn't do to keep them happy, healthy and by our side for as long as possible.

This book is about her journey with her Soul Dog 'Lily'. Through her ill-health and journey to the end of her time here in the physical realm, came Michelle's K9 ExTEND™ framework

The author, Michelle Monk, a highly recognised Canine Physiotherapist with her own Canine Rehabilitation Clinic has dedicated her life to uncovering what treatments, environment, nutrition, exercise and even mind-set your dog needs to have to extend the quality and quantity of their life.

She shares all that she has learned in Soul Dog so that you and your Soul Dog can have a happy, healthy and long life together.

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